Parameter Tuning with Hyperopt

This post will cover a few things needed to quickly implement a fast, principled method for machine learning model parameter tuning. There are two common methods of parameter tuning: grid search and random search. Each have their pros and cons. Grid search is slow but effective at searching the whole search space, while random search is fast, but could miss…
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Time Maps: Visualizing Discrete Events Across Many Timescales

Discrete events pervade our daily lives. These include phone calls, online transactions, and heartbeats. Despite the simplicity of discrete event data, it’s hard to visualize many events over a long time period without hiding details about shorter timescales. The plot below illustrates this problem. It shows the number of website visits made by a certain IP address over the course…
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The Age of the Data Product

We are living through an information revolution. Like any economic revolution, it has had a transformative effect on society, academia, and business. The present revolution, driven as it is by networked communication systems and the Internet, is unique in that it has created a surplus of a valuable new material – data – and transformed us all into both consumers…
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