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Stencila – an office suite for reproducible research

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Stencila launches the first version of its (open source) word processor and spreadsheet editor designed for researchers.By Michael Aufreiter, Substance, and Aleksandra Pawlik and Nokome Bentley, Stencila Stencila is an open source office suite designed for researchers. It allows the authoring of interactive, data-driven publications in visual interfaces, similar to those in conventional office suites, but is built from the ground up for reproducibility. Stencila aims to make it easier for researchers with differing levels of computational skills to collaborate on the same research article. Researchers used to tools like Microsoft Word and Excel will find Stencila’s interfaces intuitive and familiar. And those who use tools such as Jupyter Notebook or R Markdown are still able to embed code for data analysis within their research articles. Once published, Stencila documents are self-contained, interactive and reusable, containing all the text, media,…
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