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Detecting unconscious bias in models, with R

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There’s growing awareness that the data we collect, and in particular the variables we include as factors in our predictive models, can lead to unwanted bias in outcomes: from loan applications, to law enforcement, and in many other areas. In some instances, such bias is even directly regulated by laws like the Fair Housing Act in the US. But even if we explicitly remove “obvious” variables like sex, age or ethnicity from predictive models, unconscious bias might still be a factor in our predictions as a result of highly-correlated proxy variables that are included in our model. As a result, we need to be aware of the biases in our model and take steps to address them. For an excellent general overview of the topic, I highly recommend watching the recent presentation by Rachel Thomas, “Analyzing and Preventing Bias in ML”.…
Original Post: Detecting unconscious bias in models, with R