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A Comparative Review of the Deducer GUI for R

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Introduction Deducer is a free and open source Graphical User Interface for the R software, one that provides beginners a way to point-and-click their way through analyses. It also integrates into an environment designed to help programmers be more productive. Deducer is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux; there is no server version. This post one of a series of reviews which aim to help non-programmers choose the Graphical User Interface (GUI) that is best for them. However, the reviews will include a cursory description of the programming support that each GUI offers. Figure 1. JGR console with Deducer menus (left) and Deducer data viewer (right). Terminology There are various definitions of user interface types, so here’s how I’ll be using these terms: GUI = Graphical User Interface specifically using menus and dialog boxes to avoid having to type programming…
Original Post: A Comparative Review of the Deducer GUI for R