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Another Prediction for the FIFA World Cup 2018

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Ava Yang, Data Scientist Given that the UEFA Champion League final a few weeks ago between Real Madrid and Liverpool is the only match I’ve watched properly in over ten years, how dare I presume I can guess that Brazil is going to lift the trophy in the 2018 FIFA World Cup? Well, here goes… By the way, if you find the below dry to read, it is because of my limited natural language on the subject matter…data science tricks to the rescue! This blogpost is largely based on the prediction framework from an eRum 2018 talk by Claus Thorn Ekstrøm. For first hand materials please take a look at the slides, video and code. The idea is that in each simulation run of a tournament, we find team winner, runners-up, third and fourth etc. N times of simulation runs…
Original Post: Another Prediction for the FIFA World Cup 2018