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Spatial networks – case study St James centre, Edinburgh (2/3)

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This is part two in a series I’m writing on network analysis. The first part is here. In this section I’m going to cover allocating resources, again using the St James’ development in Edinburgh as an example. Most excitingly (for me), the end of this post covers the impact of changes in resource allocation. Edinburgh (and surrounds) has more than one shopping centre. Many more. I’ve had a stab at narrowing these down to those that are similar to the St James centre, i.e. they’re big, (generally) covered and may have a cinema. You can see a plot of these below. As you can see the majority are concentrated around the population centre of Edinburgh. Location of big shopping centres in and around Edinburgh. As with the previous post I’ve used GRASS GIS for the network analysis, QGIS for cartography…
Original Post: Spatial networks – case study St James centre, Edinburgh (2/3)