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Introducing reqres

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I’m very happy to announce that reqres has been released on CRAN. reqres isa new (in R context) approach to working with HTTP messages, that is, therequests you send to a server and the respons it returns. Theuunderlying mechanics of a web server is seldom something that R users comesinto contact with, indeed the most popular way of using R code for the web isShiny by RStudio andOpenCPU by Jeroen Ooms, both of which abstracts theactual HTTP messaging away in order to provide a more friendly and R-nativeinterface to building web apps and services. So why bother with HTTP in R at all?Both of the above frameworks favors ease-of-use over control, and sometimesyou just want control. Maybe you don’t need the overhead that comes withfull-fledged web app frameworks, maybe the high abstraction level makes itdifficult to achieve what you want,…
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