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ggvis Exercises (Part-1)

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INTRODUCTION The ggvis package is used to make interactive data visualizations. The fact that it combines shiny’s reactive programming model and dplyr’s grammar of data transformation make it a useful tool for data scientists. This package may allows us to implement features like interactivity, but on the other hand every interactive ggvis plot must be connected to a running R session. Before proceeding, please follow our short tutorial.Look at the examples given and try to understand the logic behind them. Then try to solve the exercises below using R and without looking at the answers. Then check the solutions. to check your answers. Exercise 1 Create a list which will include the variables “Horsepower” and “MPG.city” of the “Cars93” data set. HINT: Use ggvis(). Exercise 2 Use the list you just created to make a scatterplot. HINT: Use layer_points(). Exercise…
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