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Stan Weekly Roundup, 11 August 2017

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This week, more Stan! Charles Margossian is rock star of the week, finishing off the algebraic solver math library fixture and getting all plumbed through Stan and documented. Now you can solve nonlinear sets of equations and get derivatives with the implicit function theory all as part of defining your log density. There is a chapter in the revised manual The entire Stan Development Team, spearheaded by Ben Goodrich needing fixes for RStan, is about to roll out Stan 2.17 along with the interfaces. Look for that to begin trickling out next week. This will fix some further install and error message reporting issues as well as include the algebraic solver. We are also working on moving things toward Stan 3 behind the scenes. We won’t just keep incrementing 2.x forever! Ben Goodrich fixed the inlining declarations in C++ to…
Original Post: Stan Weekly Roundup, 11 August 2017