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In case you missed it: July 2017 roundup

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In case you missed them, here are some articles from July of particular interest to R users. A tutorial on using the rsparkling package to apply H20’s algorithms to data in HDInsight. Several exercises to learn parallel programming with the foreach package. A presentation on the R6 class system, by Winston Chang. Introducing “joyplots”, a ggplot2 extension for visualizing multiple time series or distributions (with a nod to Joy Division). SQL Server 2017, with many new R-related capabilities, is nearing release. Ali Zaidi on using neural embeddings with R and Spark to analyze Github comments. R ranks #6 in the 2017 IEEE Spectrum Top Programming Languages. Course materials on “Data Analysis for the Life Sciences”, from Rafael Irizarry. How to securely store API keys in R scripts with the “secret” package. An in-depth tutorial on implementing neural network algorithms in…
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