NIPS 2014

With a new venue and a deep attitude, NIPS was a blast this year, kudos to the organizers.Let’s start with the “talk of the conference”. I mean this in the spirit of Time’s “Man of the Year”, i.e., I’m not condoning the content, just noting that it was the most impactful. And of course the winner is … Ilya Sutsveker’s…
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Vowpal Wabbit 7.8 at NIPS

Vowpal Wabbit 7.8 at NIPS I just created Vowpal Wabbit 7.8, and we are planning to have an increasingly less heretical followup tutorial during the non-“ski break” at the NIPS Optimization workshop. Please join us if interested. I always feel like things are going slow, but in the last year, but there have been many changes overall. Notes for 7.7…
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