EARL Boston Revisited

After a successful EARL London in September of this year (see here and here) it was Boston’s turn to shine. This is only the second time this conference has run, yet its quality of speakers is at par with London. This year’s edition welcomed twenty presenters from eight industries and saw almost a hundred attendees, yet another showcase for R’s widespread adoption across all industries. One of our fantastic keynotes at EARL Boston this year was Jenny Bryan, who has recently joined the RStudio team. Jenny used a series of visual analogies, which cleverly (and comically) combined Lego structures with Game of Thrones references to simplify data wrangling techniques. She also demonstrated to us the ‘map’ function from the purr package.  She successfully managed to convert me from an ‘apply’ user, armed with nothing more than Lego men, with…
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Project package libraries and reproducibility

Gábor Csárdi, Consultant, Mango Solutions Introduction If you are an R user it has probably happened to you that you upgraded some R package in your R installation, and then suddenly your R script or application stopped working. R packages change over time, and often they are not backwards compatible. This is normal and needed for innovation. But it is…
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Data Visualisation

by Nic Crane Data visualisation is a key piece of the analysis process.  At Mango, we consider the ability to create compelling visualisations to be sufficiently important that we include it as one of the core attributes of a data scientist on our data science radar. Although visualisation of data is important in order to communicate the results of an…
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FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Names) in R

By Steph Locke This is just a quick post, to mention how you can get your computer name with the domain it is registered in i.e.  the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) by using R. Base R In Windows to get the computer name in it’s fully qualified form you need to do: paste(Sys.getenv(“COMPUTERNAME”), Sys.getenv(“USERDNSDOMAIN”), sep=”.”) ## [1] “SLOCKE.MANGO.LOCAL” In…
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miniCRAN – developing internal CRAN Repositories

by Steph Locke Today, I needed to work on a package that had numerous dependencies on internal packages and ones from CRAN. To be able to handle dependencies in the installation process, I needed something like CRAN so that install.packages() woul work correctly. We have an internal CRAN but I wanted to make one specific to this set of packages.…
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Data Science Radar – Communicator Profile

by Andy Nichols @andyofsmeg 1. Tell us a bit about your background in Data Science. In short I am a statistician.  That’s what I qualified anyway.  Following my degree I was employed as a statistician in the pharmaceutical industry for a number of years before joining Mango and broadening my horizons.  I now head up Mango’s Data Science team.  I…
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Observing a Mango Public R Training Course

by Paulin Shek As a new Mango Consultant, I had my first experience of a Mango training course a few weeks ago. I observed Aimée Gott @aimeegott_R teach a 2-day public training course – “Introduction to R for Analytics”.  Feedback is recorded from all Mango training courses and Aimée is one of the highest scorers so she is an ideal…
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EARL Conference 2016 – London Dates announced.

Following the overwhelming success of the EARL 2015 Conference and the feedback received, the 2016 London Conference will again be held in the Tower Hotel and the dates are: 13th – 15th September 2016. EARL is a Conference for users and developers of the open source R programming language. The primary focus of the Conference will be the commercial usage…
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New R User Group – NottinghamR

Mango Solutions in collaboration with Capital One have organised a new R user group in Nottingham. R user groups are free meetings for those using or interested in using R – the open source statistical programming language. If you are in Nottingham and wish to meet, interact with and share ideas around R, then we’d be delighted to see you…
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The Evolution of Distributed Programming in R

By Paulin Shek Both R and distributed programming rank highly on my list of “good things”, so imagine my delight when two new packages, ddR (https://github.com/vertica/ddR) and multidplyr (https://github.com/hadley/multidplyr), used for distributed programming in R were released in November last year. Distributed programming is normally taken up for a variety of reasons: To speed up a process or piece of…
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