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LIBD rstats club remote useR!2018 notes

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For our July 13th 2018 LIBD rstats club meeting we decided to check as much as we could the useR!2018 conference. Here’s what we were able to figure out about it in about an hour. Hopefully our quick notes will help other rstats enthusiasts, users and developers get a glimpse of the conference. Although there’s bound to me more videos and material about the conference coming out in the following days. Main links: First of all search all the Twitter history for tweets related to the conference by checking the user2018 hashtag. Next, check the videos of the talks. There are more videos there than we can check right now but we hope to come back sometime later and check more talks. All of the #useR2018 presentations (unless specifically requested not), including tutorials are being recorded. These will be available…
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