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To purrr or not to purrr

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Nicolas Attalides, Data Scientist library(purrr) library(magrittr) I first started using R long before the RStudio and tidyverse days… I remember writing chunks of code in a text editor and copy/pasting it into the R console! Yes I know, shocking. Nonetheless, most of us will have written code over the years that works just fine in base R, however in my case, the ever-growing adoption of the tidyverse packages (and my personal aspiration to improve my coding skills) has created a sense of necessity to re-write parts of it to fit within the tidyverse setting. In this blog post I explore the purrr package (part of tidyverse collection) and its use within a datascientist’s toolset. I aim to present the case for using the purrr functions and through the use of examples compare them with base R functionality. To do this,…
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