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General gems of comperes

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Examples of exported functions from comperes package that could be useful for general tasks. I am very glad to announce that my new package comperes is on CRAN now. It provides tools for managing competition results in a tidy manner as much as possible. For more information go to: Besides tools for competition results, comperes offers some functions that can be useful in more general tasks. This post presents examples of their most common usage. This post covers the following themes: For examples we will use a shortened version of the everlasting mtcars data set. We will need the following setup: library(comperes) library(rlang) # For example analysis library(dplyr) library(tibble) mtcars_tbl <- mtcars %>% rownames_to_column(var = “car”) %>% select(car, cyl, vs, carb) %>% as_tibble() We will start with the most simple function. During comperes development, idea about the it really helped…
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