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sparklyr 0.7

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We are excited to share that sparklyr 0.7 is now available on CRAN! Sparklyr provides an R interface to Apache Spark. It supports dplyr syntax for working with Spark DataFrames and exposes the full range of machine learning algorithms available in Spark. You can also learn more about Apache Spark and sparklyr in spark.rstudio.com and our new webinar series on Apache Spark. Features in this release:In this blog post, we highlight Pipelines, new ML functions, and enhanced support for data serialization. To follow along in the examples below, you can upgrade to the latest stable version from CRAN with: ML Pipelines The ML Pipelines API is a high-level interface for building ML workflows in Spark. Pipelines provide a uniform approach to compose feature transformers and ML routines, and are interoperable across the different Spark APIs (R/sparklyr, Scala, and Python.) First,…
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