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RVowpalWabbit 0.0.11

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Another boring little RVowpalWabbit package update to version 0.0.11 came in response to another CRAN request: We were writing temporary output (a cache file for the fit/prediction, to be precise) to a non-temporary directory, which is now being caught by new tests added by Kurt. And as this is frowned upon, we made the requested change. No new code or features were added. We should mention once more that is parallel work ongoing in a higher-level package interfacing the vw binary — rvw — as well as plan to redo this package via the external libraries. In that sounds interesting to you, please get in touch. I am also thinking that rvw extensions / work may make for a good GSoC 2018 project. Again, if interested, please get in touch. More information is on the RVowpalWabbit page. Issues and bugreports…
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