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Speed up simulations in R with doAzureParallel

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I’m a big fan using R to simulate data. When I’m trying to understand a data set, my first step is sometimes to simulate data from a model and compare the results to the data, before I go down the path of fitting an analytical model directly. Simulations are easy to code in R, but they can sometimes take a while to run — especially if there are a bunch of parameters you want to explore, which in turn requires a bunch of simulations. When your pc only has four core processors and your parallel processing across three of the.#DataScience #RStats #Waiting #Multitasking pic.twitter.com/iVkkr7ibox — Patrick Williams (@unbalancedDad) January 24, 2018 In this post, I’ll provide a simple example of running multiple simulations in R, and show how you can speed up the process by running the simulations in parallel:…
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