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Galentine’s day cards

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Remember the nascent series of blog posts about Parks and recreation? Well, we’re still at one post, but don’t worry, here is a new one, and I’m sure the series will eventually be a real one. I’m looking at you, my R-Ladies friends. That said, today is not a day for passive agressive hints, because I’ve decided it’s Galentine’s day and I’ll show you how to craft cards for your R-Ladies friends from your R prompt! Galentine’s day is a celebration Leslie Knope throws every year for her female friends, showering them with love and gifts. Since she’s very talented, she can even write them poems, but in the R version of Galentine’s day, we’ll make do with simple cards featuring Lesliesque compliments. Indeed, Leslie Knope is also known for her creative complimenting of her best friend Ann. I’ve decided…
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