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eRum 2018: Keynotes announced!

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Hello, R-users! We are very excited to present to your attention nothing less than an international conference, eRum 2018, and the conference keynote speakers! The eRum conferences are particularly thought for the many Europeans that can’t manage to take part in the use!R conferences when they are based in USA – or, just like this year, in Australia. The 2018 eRum edition will take place in Budapest, Hungary, from the 14th to the 16th of May. In 2016, eRum tool place in Ponzan, Poland. More than 250 attendees and over 80 speakers participated, but we expect an even wider contribution for this edition. The keynotes Today we are particularly happy to announce the conference keynotes speakers, and what a list of names! We will have with us: Professor Achim Zeileis from Innsbruk, Austria. Achim is Professor of Statistics at the Faculty of Economics and Statistics at Universität Innsbruck, co-author of…
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