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Analysis of the Renert – Part 3: Visualizations

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This is part 3 of a 3 part blog post. This post uses the data that was scraped in part 1 and prepared in part 2. Now that we have the data in a nice format, let’s make a frequency plot! First let’s load the data and the packages: library(“tidyverse”) library(“ggthemes”) # To use different themes and colors renert_tokenized = readRDS(“renert_tokenized.rds”) Using the ggplot2 package, I can produce a plot of the most frequent words. renert_tokenized %>% count(word, sort = TRUE) %>% filter(n > 50) %>% mutate(word = reorder(word, n)) %>% ggplot(aes(word, n)) + geom_col() + xlab(NULL) + coord_flip() + theme_minimal() So, the most frequent word is kinnek, meaning King! kinnek is mentioned more times than renert, the name of the hero. Next are här and wollef meaning mister and wolf. In fifth position we have fuuss, for fox. I’ll…
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