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XLConnect 0.2-14

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We are pleased to announce the release of XLConnect 0.2-14, now available from CRAN and from our GitHub repository. This release is mainly a maintenance release and comes with the following changes: The following example illustrates the use of XLConnect to produce a simple report: require(XLConnect) # Create new Excel workbook wb <- loadWorkbook(“earthquakes.xlsx”, create = TRUE) # Create worksheet to hold data targetSheet <- “Earthquakes” createSheet(wb, name = targetSheet) # Export earthquake data writeWorksheet(wb, data = quakes, sheet = targetSheet) # Create cell style to color events with a magnitude >= 6.0 on the # Richter scale largeMagnitudeStyle <- getOrCreateCellStyle(wb, name = “Large Magnitude”) # Use solid red foreground to color rows setFillForegroundColor(largeMagnitudeStyle, color = XLC$COLOR.RED) setFillPattern(largeMagnitudeStyle, fill = XLC$FILL.SOLID_FOREGROUND) # Determine large magnitude earthquakes rowIdx <- which(quakes$mag >= 6.0) # Color rows accordingly # NOTE: Since we include…
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