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nodbi: the NoSQL Database Connector

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DBI What is DBI? DBI is an R package. It defines an interface to relational database management systems (R/DBMS) that other R packages build upon to interact with a specific relational database, such as SQLite or PostgreSQL. NoSQL NoSQL databases are a very broad class of database that can include document databases such as CouchDB and MongoDB, key-value stores such as Redis, and more. They are generally not row-column relational stores though, though can include that. NoSQL is often thought of now as “not only SQL”. You can imagine how it is relatively straight-forward to create a common interace to row-column oriented databases, and DBI is great for that. However, a common interface to NoSQL datbases is a bit harder to wrap your head around for various reasons. One of the most obvious of which is that they don’t share…
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