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Exploratory Data Analysis & Data Preparation with ‘funModeling’

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This package contains a set of functions related to exploratory data analysis, data preparation, and model performance. It is used by people coming from business, research, and teaching (professors and students). funModeling is intimately related to the Data Science Live Book -Open Source- (2017) in the sense that most of its functionality is used to explain different topics addressed by the book. 📗 The paperback version is being prepared, get notified by the newsletter or twitter. Opening the black-box Some functions have in-line comments so the user can open the black-box and learn how it was developed, or to tune or improve any of them. All the functions are well documented, explaining all the parameters with the help of many short examples. R documentation can be accessed by: help(“name_of_the_function”). Important changes from latest version 1.6.7, (relevant only if you were…
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