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Dec 2017: “Top 40” New Package Picks

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Sometimes it appears to me that the invisible hand economists speak of guides the market for new R packages. Eight of the 129 new packages that stuck to CRAN in December fall under Computational Methods, a category I have only recently begun using. All of them made it into the list below of my “Top 40” picks. One day, I would like to go back and reexamine the categories I have been using to see if package developers really do respond to some idea that is “in the air” or whether the variation in categories is just one more of my many hidden biases. Computational Methods alphashape3d v1.3: Provides functions to compute the alpha-shape (a generalization of the convex hull) of a finite set of points in the three-dimensional space. deGradInfer v1.0.0: Implements efficient Bayesian parameter inference for systems of…
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