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The progress bar just got a lot cheaper

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The pbapply R package that adds progress bar to vectorized functions has been know to accumulate overhead when calling parallel::mclapply with forking (see this post for more background on the issue). Strangely enough, a GitHub issue held the key to the solution that I am going to outline below. Long story short: forking is no longer expensive with pbapply, and as it turns out, it never was. The issue mentioned parallel::makeForkCluster as the way to set up a Fork cluster, which, according to the help page, ‘is merely a stub on Windows. On Unix-alike platforms it creates the worker process by forking’.So I looked at some timings starting with one of the examples on the ?pbapply help page: library(pbapply) set.seed(1234) n <- 200 x <- rnorm(n) y <- rnorm(n, crossprod(t(model.matrix(~ x)), c(0, 1)), sd = 0.5) d <- data.frame(y, x)…
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