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StanCon 2018 Highlights

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This year we had the privelage of sponsoring StanCon. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to actually attend the conference. Rather than let our ticket go to waste, we ran a small competition, which Ignacio Martinez won with his very cool (but in alpha stage) R package – see gif above. During my econ PhD I learned a lot about frequentist statistics. Alas, my training of Bayesian statistics was limited. Three years ago, I joined @MathPolResearch and started delving into this whole new world. Two weeks ago, thanks to @jumping_uk, I was able to attend StanCon. This was an amazing experience, which allowed me to meet some great people and learn a lot from them. These are my highlights from the conference: You’d better have a very good reason to not use hierarchical models. Ben Goodrich’s tutorial on advanced hierarchical models was…
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