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Major update to BatchGetSymbols

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Making it even easier to download and organize stock prices from Yahoo Finance – I just released a long due update to package BatchGetSymbols. Thefiles are under review in CRAN and you should get the update soon.Meanwhile, you can install the new version from Github: if (!require(devtools)) install.packages(‘devtools’) devtools::install_github(‘msperlin/BatchGetSymbols’) The main innovations are: Clever cache system: By default, every new download of data willbe saved in a local file located in a directory chosen by user.Every new request of data is compared to the available localinformation. If data is missing, the function only downloads thepiece of data that is missing. This make the call to functionBatchGetSymbols a lot faster! When updating an existing dataset ofprices, the function only downloads the new available data that ismissing from the local files. Returns calculation: Function now returns a return vector indf.tickers. Returns are…
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