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Get insights of Instacart Market Basket

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Introduction Services that deliver the ingredients and recipes you need to make fresh, home-cooked meals, like Instacart have grown in popularity as people are turning away from low-cost, fast food in favor of healthier alternatives. However, those subscription services are still luxury for many so I decided to create a interactive dashboard to help the Instacart have some promotions with the consumers. Research Question What consumer behaviors can we find based on previous purchasing data? What’s the best time to deliver effective promotions to targeted consumers? Data The data set is on kaggle’s competition and I used orders, order products, products to do the analysis. Order Time The first plot shows that there is a clear effect of day of the week. Most orders are on days 0 and 1. Unfortunately there is no info regarding which values represent which…
Original Post: Get insights of Instacart Market Basket