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In case you missed it: November 2017 roundup

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In case you missed them, here are some articles from November of particular interest to R users. R 3.4.3 “Kite Eating Tree” has been released. Several approaches for generating a “Secret Santa” list with R. The “RevoScaleR” package from Microsoft R Server has now been ported to Python. The call for papers for the R/Finance 2018 conference in Chicago is now open. Give thanks to the volunteers behind R. Advice for R user groups from the organizer of R-Ladies Chicago. Use containers to build R clusters for parallel workloads in Azure with the doAzureParallel package. A collection of R scripts for interesting visualizations that fit into a 280-character Tweet. R is featured in a StackOverflow case study at the Microsoft Connect conference. The City of Chicago uses R to forecast water quality and issue beach safety alerts. A collection of…
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