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Downloading Annual Financial Reports and Corporate Events from B3 (formerly Bovespa) – Financial statements of companies traded at B3 (formerly Bovespa), theBrazilian stock exchange, are available in itswebsite. Accessing the data for asingle company is straightforward. In the website one can find a simpleinterface for accessing this dataset. An example is givenhere.However, gathering and organizing the data for a large scale research,with many companies and many dates, is painful. Financial reports mustbe downloaded or copied individually and later aggregated. Changes inthe accounting format thoughout time can make this process slow,unreliable and irreproducible. Package GetDFPData provides a R interface to all annual financialstatements available in the website and more. It not only downloads thedata but also organizes it in a tabular format and allows the use ofinflation indexes. Users can select companies and a time period todownload all available data. Several…
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