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jmv – one R package (not just) for the social sciences

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tl;dr many analyses in the social sciences require many R packages jmv makes these common analyses available from one R package jmv can be used from jamovi, a graphical statistical spreadsheet, making it super-accessible introducing jmv There are many tremendously useful R packages for the social sciences (and similar fields), such as car, afex vcd, etc. Although running basic analyses (such as t-tests or ANOVA) with these packages is very straight forward, it is typically necessary to perform a number of supplementary analyses to accompany them; post-hoc tests, effect-size calculations, bias-corrections, and assumption checks. These additional tests often require the use of many additional R packages, and can make reasonably standard analyses quite time-consuming to perform. For example, in the book Discovering Statistics Using R by Andy Field (a popular textbook in the social sciences), the chapter on ANOVA alone…
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