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Demo Week: Tidy Forecasting with sweep

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We’re into the third day of Business Science Demo Week. Hopefully by now you’re getting a taste of some interesting and useful packages. For those that may have missed it, every day this week we are demo-ing an R package: tidyquant (Monday), timetk (Tuesday), sweep (Wednesday), tibbletime (Thursday) and h2o (Friday)! That’s five packages in five days! We’ll give you intel on what you need to know about these packages to go from zero to hero. Today is sweep, which has broom-style tidiers for forecasting. Let’s get going! Previous Demo Week Demos sweep is used for tidying the forecast package workflow. Like broom is to the stats library, sweep is to forecast package. It has useful functions including: sw_tidy, sw_glance, sw_augment, and sw_sweep. We’ll check out each in this demo. An added benefit to sweep and timetk is if the…
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