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R live class | Machine Learning with R | Oct 25-26

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Machine Learning with R is our third course of the autumn term. It takes place in October 25 – 26 in Milano Lima.If you already use R and want to get an overview of machine learning techniques with R, this is the right course for you! You will need some background in theoretical statistics, probability, linear and logistic regression. You will learn how to group similar observations using Clustering; how to “naturally” aggregate your variables using Dimensionality Reduction; how to predict outcomes using Regression and Classification (LMs, GLMs, Trees, Random forests, Neural networks). In other words, you will get a full-immersion in the Data Mining and the Machine Learning world, using R. Machine Learning with R Outlines – Introduction– Regression techniques– Classification techniques (LDA, CLASS, KNN)– Clustering (HC, NHC)– Dimensionality reduction (MDS, PCA, CA)– Neural networks Machine Learning with R is organized…
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