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Halifax, NS, Stan talk and course Thu 19 Oct

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Halfiax, here we come. I (Bob, not Andrew) am going to be giving a talk on Stan and then Mitzi and I will be teaching a course on Stan after that. The public is invited, though space is limited for the course. Here are details if you happen to be in the Maritime provinces. TALK: Stan: A Probabilistic Programming Language for Bayesian Inference Date: Thursday October 19, 2017 Time: 10am Location: Slonim Conference room (#430), Goldberg Computer Science Building, Dalhousie University, 6050 University Avenue, Halifax Abstract I’ll describe Stan’s probabilistic programming language, and how it’s used, including blocks for data, parameter, and predictive quantities transforms of constrained parameters to unconstrained spaces, with automatic Jacobian corrections automatic computation of first- and higher-order derivatives operator, function, and linear algebra library vectorized density functions, cumulative distributions, and random number generators user-defined functions (stiff)…
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