JupyterHub on Google Cloud

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JupyterHub + Kubernetes (source: O’Reilly)Meet the team behind JupyterHub at JupyterCon on August 22-25, 2017, in New York City. Registration is now open. JupyterHub, a “multi-user server for Jupyter Notebooks,” is an essential tool for teaching and training at scale with Jupyter. As described in The course of the future – and the technology behind it , JupyterHub is being used to power an introductory class in data science taken by hundreds of students at Berkeley every semester. JupyterLab is a complex piece of software, and setting up and operating it has been out of reach for many organizations, but recent work by members of the Jupyter team—especially @CarolWilling, @choldgraf, @Mbussonn, @minrk, and @yuvipanda—has put JupyterHub within reach of a host of organizations and individuals. Their new project, a Helm package for JupyterHub and an accompanying article called Zero to JupyterHub…
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