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Twitter analysis using R (Semantic analysis of French elections)

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Last month the French elections viewed through Twitter: a semantic analysis post showed how the two contenders were perceived on Twitter during three key events of the campaign (Macron leaks, presidential debate and election day). The goal of the post is to show how to perform this twitter analysis using R. Collecting tweets in real time with streamR (Twitter streaming API) To perform the analysis, I needed an important number of tweets and I wanted to use all of the tweets concerning the election. The Twitter search API is limited since you only have access to a sample of tweets. On the other hand, the streaming API allows you to collect the data in real-time and to collect almost all tweets. Hence, I used the streamR package. So, I collected tweets on 60 seconds batch and saved them on .json files. The…
Original Post: Twitter analysis using R (Semantic analysis of French elections)