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Investigating Cryptocurrencies (Part II)

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This is the second in a series of posts designed to show how the R programming language can be used with cryptocurrency related data sets.  A number of R packages are great for analyzing stocks and bonds and similar financial instruments.  These can also be applied to working with cryptocurrencies.  In this post we will focus on Bitcoin. Bitcoin has garnered enough attention that it is available through Yahoo’s finance data under the symbol BTCUSD=X.  The quantmod package is comprised of a set of packages and utilities geared towards time series analysis traditionally associated with stocks.  You can load Bitcoin along with other Stock symbols using the loadSymbols function.  In this example we will also load AMD, which makes graphics cards used by cryptocurrency miners. library(quantmod)loadSymbols(c(‘BTCUSD=X’,’AMD’))If you have any issue downloading the data, make sure you update to the latest…
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