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R Weekly Bulletin Vol – XIII

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This week’s R bulletin covers some interesting plotting methods. We will also cover functions like sapply, vapply rollMean, and group_by. Click To TweetHope you like this R weekly bulletin. Enjoy reading! Shortcut Keys 1. Source a file – Ctrl+Shift+O2. Source the current document – Ctrl+Shift+S3. Find in Files – Ctrl+Shift+F Problem Solving Ideas Using Multiple Colors for Plotting a Variable Plotting a variable with multiple colors allows one to discern the pattern in the plotted data easily, and can be done using the “col” argument. Remaining arguments to the plot function remains mostly the same. Let us consider an example to illustrate multi-color plotting. Example: Here, we are sourcing the one-year data for the NSE listed MRF stock. Using the dailyReturn function from the quantmod package we compute the daily returns based on the daily closing price for the…
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