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Ridge regression in R exercises

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Bias vs Variance tradeoff is always encountered in applying supervised learning algorithms. Least squares regression provides a good fit for the training set but can suffer from high variance which lowers predictive ability. To counter this problem, we can regularize the beta coefficients by employing a penalization term. Ridge regression applies l2 penalty to the residual sum of squares. In contrast, LASSO regression, which was covered here previously, applies l1 penalty.Using ridge regression, we can shrink the beta coefficients towards zero which would reduce variance at the cost of higher bias which can result in better predictive ability than least squares regression. In this exercise set we will use the glmnet package (package description: here) to implement ridge regression in R. Answers to the exercises are available here. Exercise 1Load the lars package and the diabetes dataset (Efron, Hastie,…
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