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wrapr Implementation Update

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Introduction The development version of our R helper function wrapr::let() has switched from string-based substitution to abstract syntax tree based substitution (AST based subsitution, or language based substitution). I am looking for some feedback from wrapr::let() users already doing substantial work with wrapr::let(). If you are already using wrapr::let() please test if the current development version of wrapr works with your code. If you run into problems: I apologize, and please file a GitHub issue. The substitution modes The development version of wrapr::let() now has three substitution implementations: Language substitution (subsMethod=’langsubs’ the new default). In this mode user code is captured as an abstract syntax tree (or parse tree) and substitution is performed only on nodes known to be symbols. String substitution (subsMethod=’stringsubs’, the CRAN current default). In this mode user code is captured as text and then string…
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