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NAFTA trade dashboard

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Tradewatch is a dashboard, written in R using the flexdashboard framework. Visualizations are made possible thanks to highcharter and other packages. The main purpose of the dashboard is to monitor trade, mostly from the Mexican perspective, of goods and commodities with countries that are in NAFTA. In the age of fake news and policy-by-twitter, hopefully this tool will help guide more informed debate (and decisions) with respect to trade between these three countries. Notes and methodology The dashboard consists of basically three sections: Bilateral Trade: These contain two, side-by-side comparisons, of exports and imports of products at a 2-level HS code depth. The color denotes year-over-year growth rate, while the size is related to the dollar value (in the newest month) of exports. The average growth rate for 2 digit codes is a weighted-mean of each 4-digit classification. US…
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