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Beware the Argument: The Flint Water Crisis and Quantiles

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Abstract If your tap water suddenly becomes brown while authorities claim everything is okay, you start to worry. Langkjær-Bain (2017) tells the Flint Water Crisis story from a statistical viewpoint: essentially the interest is in whether the 90th percentile in a sample of lead concentration measurements is above a certain threshold or not. We illustrate how to perform the necessary calculations with R’s quantile function and show that the type-argument of the function matters. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. The markdown+Rknitr source code of this blog is available under a GNU General Public License (GPL v3) license from . Introduction In a recent Significance article, Langkjær-Bain (2017) tells the story about the Flint water crisis. In 2014 the city of Flint, Michigan, USA, decided to change its water supply to Flint River.…
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