RStudio meets MilanoR! June 29th, Milan

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Hello R-Users, we have a great news! We are going to host Nathan Stephens and Joseph Rickert from RStudio and R Consortium: they are coming to Milano just for us (from USA) to meet the MilanoR community and talk about the latest news from RStudio and R Consortium! Nathan, director of solutions engineering at RStudio, will discuss how the Tidyverse, R Markdown, and Shiny work together with RStudio products to enable better R for Data Science. Joseph, member of the R Consortium board of directors, will tell us all about the R Consortium news and RStudio community support activities. Given the intersection of topics and interests of R in the Data Science space, the event is organized in collaboration with “Data Science Milan“, so the two communities will also have the chance to meet. Therefore, on June 29th, in the evening, we will…
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