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CDO: to stay or to go?

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In today’s era of tech-startups and business transformations, use of C-level designations has become more popular, especially in the context of data/information. New roles like CDO & CIO are getting created by companies to adopt digital change. However, this article discusses and questions about the life span of such roles and designations. By Jonas Vandenbruaene. At the end of the 19th century, one of the greatest revolutions in history took place: electrification. Companies could now make use of a new, convenient form of energy: electricity. This innovation induced exceptional productivity gains, but the transition was never easy. Therefore many companies hired a “CEO”, a chief electricity officer to facilitate this transformation. However, just a few decades later the position became obsolete. Electricity quickly became well established and theintroduction of a centralized electricity grid with synchronized voltages and frequencies solved all problems…
Original Post: CDO: to stay or to go?

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