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How To Make Your Mark As A Woman In Big Data

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Despite the shift in big data technology innovation that is driving tremendous growth and opportunities, women still play a small role in this arena. Here are 5 thoughts for women considering a career in big data. By Kavitha Mariappan, Databricks. As a marketing executive at a big data startup, my day often revolves around analysing and discovering hidden trends and patterns from our lead data, and providing guidance to my team on strategies to maximise our conversion rates. Marketers leverage big data in a number of ways, ranging from customer segmentation, customer insights, and predictive lead scoring, to personalised marketing and sentiment analysis. Some marketing teams rely heavily on big data for off-the-shelf marketing technology solutions to enable programmatic marketing, content optimisation, predictive response targeting, attribution tools, performance analytics and more. While others are evaluating open source software to build…
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