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Interviews with Data Scientists: Claudia Perlich

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In this wide-ranging interview, Roberto Zicari talks to a leading Data Scientist Claudia Perlich about what they must know about Machine Learning and evaluation, domain knowledge, data blending, and more. By Roberto Zicari, ODBMS.org. For the series Q&A with Data Scientists: Claudia Perlich Q1. What should every data scientist know about machine learning? Evaluation! I will speak primarily about predictive modeling/supervised learning because this is where my expertise is. Also – I am looking at this question from the perspective of a ‘practical’ data scientist who is looking to solve a specific problem using machine learning, not somebody who is trying to develop new machine learning algorithms – although it would be good to know this too. In practice, correct evaluation is incredibly difficult – and I am not even talking in vs. out of sample or validation vs. testset. Those…
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