The Age of the Data Product

We are living through an information revolution. Like any economic revolution, it has had a transformative effect on society, academia, and business. The present revolution, driven as it is by networked communication systems and the Internet, is unique in that it has created a surplus of a valuable new material – data – and transformed us all into both consumers…
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Introducing a Reactive Lock for Scala

TL;DR: At Kifi we try to follow reactive patterns as much as possible. Over the last two years we’ve come to appreciate the strengths of the pattern, but also run into some weaknesses. This post and the accompanying open source library is about two particular issues we’ve found not to be well addressed by existing libraries or language features: Concurrency Control, i.e.…
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Run Play dev mode from the console

Scala’s REPL is incredibly useful during development. For Play apps, especially in version 2.3 and before, much of the API requires a running application (such as WS, database access, etc). They provide a StaticApplication, but this runs in production mode. This could be an issue for configuration reasons (if there is differences in behavior, configuration, or logic between development and…
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ICLR 2015 Review

The ambition, quality, and (small) community of ICLR combine to make this my new favorite conference. Recent successes in speech and vision, along with a wave of capital from billionaire founder-emperors and venture capitalists, have created with a sense of optimism and desire to attack Artificial Intelligence. The enthusiasm is contagious. (On a procedural note, the use of Arxiv in…
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